Newsletter: February - Week 2


Swans are in Hoan Kiem Lake [ENTRY]

Today, workers removed all 12 black and white swans from Hoan Kiem Lake (The Sword Lake). Yesterday, The Hanoi Sewage and Drainage Ltd., introduced the swans to people. In spite of beautifying the lake, several scientists believed that “swans do not suit the history and culture of the Hoan Kiem Lake”.

New words:

1.     The Sword Lake: Hồ Hoàn Kiếm

2.     Remove (verb): di dời, di chuyển

3.     Swan (noun): thiên nga

Black and white swans: những thiên nga đen và trắng

4.     Introduce (verb): giới thiệu

5.     In spite of + N/V-ing: mặc dù

In spite of beautifying the lake: Mặc dù để làm đẹp cho hồ

6.     Several scientists: một vài nhà khoa học

7.     Believe (verb): tin tưởng

8.     Suit (verb): phù hợp

9.     History and culture: lịch sử và văn hóa   

Source: Vnexpress English, Vietnamnet English


Bitcoin – an endless nightmare [BASIC]

On February 5th 2018, at 10h28’, in Hanoi, Bitcoin has fallen again to $7950 per coin and the fluctuation of this cryptocurrency was around $8000. This begins a new week with a lot of difficulties for cyrtocurrency owners.

After several months, there was a significant decline from a peak of  $20000 to about $7000. This dramatic decrease leads to the significant losses of other cryptocurrencies. For example, Ethereum was still on the downwards trend, from $961 to $834. Notably, a lot of investors are facing the loss of their entire investment. 

Source: Cafebiz

New words:

1.     Endless (adjective): vô tận, vĩnh viễn, không ngừng.

2.     Nightmare (noun): ác mộng.

An endless nightmare: cơn ác mộng vẫn chưa có hồi kết.

3.     Fall (verb): rơi, rơi xuống, giảm xuống.

4.     Fluctuation (noun): sự dao động, sự lên xuống, sự thay đổi bất thường.

5.     Cryptocurrency (noun): đồng tiền ảo.

6.     Difficulty (noun): vấn đề, sự khó khăn.

7.     Significant (adjective): đáng kể.

8.     Decline (noun): sự giảm xuống.

A significant decline: sự giảm xuống đáng kể, giảm xuống mạnh.

9.     Around (adverb): xấp xỉ, khoảng chừng.

10.  Peak (noun): đỉnh cao nhất, tột đỉnh, cao điểm.

11.  Lead (verb): dẫn tới, dẫn đến.

12.  Loss (noun): sự mất, sự thiệt hại, sự tổn thất.

13.  Entire (adjective): toàn bộ, toàn thể, hoàn toàn.

14.  Notably (adverb): đáng kể, đáng chú ý, nhất là.

Source: cafebiz

Legend of Kitchen Gods [BUSINESS]

Once upon a time, Vietnamese passed down a sad legend: two men died in the burning fire with their mutual loving wife. The Jade Emperor in heaven admired their devotion and deep love, thus he decided to help them live together forever. 

Using his magic, he changed them into the three hearthstones around the cooking fire. They became Kitchen Gods.

Since then, the Kitchen Gods have been responsible for taking care of all household affairs. On the 23rd of the last month of the Lunar year, they leave the kitchen, ride on a carp to the heaven to give report on each family’s affairs. Then, they return on the evening  of the first day of the Lunar New Year.

New words:

1.     Once upon a time: ngày xửa ngày xưa.

2.     Pass down (verb): lưu truyền.

3.     Mutual (adjective): chung.

4.     The Jade Emperor (noun): Ngọc Hoàng.

5.     Admire (verb): ngưỡng mộ.

6.     Devotion (noun): sự hết lòng, sự tận tâm.

7.     Deep (adjective): sâu, đậm.

8.     Magic (noun): phép thuật, phép màu.

9.     Hearthstone (noun): viên đá sau bếp.

10.  Responsible (adjective): chịu trách nhiệm.

11.  Household (adjective): (thuộc) gia đình.

12.  Affair (noun): việc, sự vụ.

13.  Carp (noun): cá chép

Ride on a carp: cưỡi cá chép. 

Source: Collection 

ENTERTAINMENT – Exhibition “Diary of a ticket – Touch the worlds”

From 20th January to 25th March, “ Diary of a cricket - Touch the worlds” event was exhibited at VCCA – 72A Nguyen Trai, Hanoi. The visitors can “touch” the world of their own childhood thanks to some artistic renderings of To Hoai’s literary masterpiece in the exhibition.

FUN – Holiday in the past and present

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