Newsletter: March 2018 - Week 1


Gold price has risen on God of Wealth Day [ENTRY]

God of Wealth Day is on the 10th day of the first lunar month. People believe that buying gold will bring wealth for a whole year. The gold price rose on this day and fell on the next day.

New words:

1.     Gold price: giá vàng

2.     God of Wealth Day: Ngày Thần Tài

3.     The first lunar month: tháng Giêng

4.     Believe (verb): tin tưởng

5.     Buying gold: mua vàng

6.     Wealth (noun): sự giàu có, thịnh vượng

7.     Rise – rose – risen (verb): tăng

8.     Fall – fell – Fallen (verb): giảm / rơi

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A Vietnamese little angel makes great presents [BASIC]

Nguyen Hai An, a 7-year-old girl, agreed to donate her cornea before dying of brain tumor on February 22nd, 2018. This rare act helped two adults see clearer for the first time in many years. After operated at the National Hospital of Ophthalmology in Hanoi, their eyes have recovered well.

The scene when the girl’s mother kissed her daughter’s forehead and told her on her death bed:  “Let’s give your light to other people, my dear” won the hearts of people across the country.

Source: Collection.

New words:

1.     Angel (noun): thiên thần.

2.     Donate (verb): tặng, cho, hiến.

3.     Cornea (noun): giác mạc (mắt).

4.     Brain tumor (noun): u não ác tính.

5.     Rare (adjective): hiếm hoi.

6.     Adult (noun): người trưởng thành.

7.     Operate (verb): phẫu thuật.

8.     The National Hospital of Ophthalmology: bệnh viện mắt trung ương.

9.     Recover (verb): hồi phục.

10.  Scene (noun): cảnh tượng.

11.  Forehead (noun): trán.

Here's What Analysts Say About the New Samsung Smartphones [BUSINESS]

As Samsung Electronics Co. prepares to roll out its flagship Galaxy S9 smartphone globally, the market doesn’t seem to be asking for too much: Just rake in the same mobile profits as last year. 

Analysts estimate Samsung will ship between 37 million and 40 million Galaxy S9 series phones in 2018, which will put sales on a par with or slightly above those of the previous series. This means mobile profits at the world’s largest smartphone maker are unlikely to see huge growth compared to the 11.8 trillion won ($11 billion) posted last year.

The S9 has a price advantage over Apple Inc.’s iPhone X, though it will come with an estimated 10 percent increase compared to the S8. But there’s a challenge -- analysts just don’t think there’s enough smartphone demand to go around this year.


·        Expects S9 shipments to be slightly lower than company forecasts and “cautiously expect” annual sales volume to be similar to G8 on muted demand for premium smartphones

·        JPMorgan’s S9 shipment forecast at 38 million units in 2018 compared with Samsung’s guidance of 40 million units


·        Earlier launch date and “favorable” competitive environment could help S9 series to sell at least at a similar level to the S8 series last year

·        Samsung Electro-Mechanics to be main beneficiary

Source: Bloomberg

ENTERTAINMENT –Movie “Bước chân an lạc – Walk with me”

The movie is a journey into mindfulness featuring Thich Nhat Hanh. It is “slow down and breathe” and “rare insight into life within a monastic community”. In this movie, audiences can see the daily routine and rituals of monks and nuns through beautiful serene.

“It is an insightful rumination on the pursuit of happiness, living in the present and our attachment to material things – a welcome remedy to the stresses of city life and a word in turmoil”, Laure Bonville – London Film Festival. “Bước chân an lạc – Walk with me” was shown in many countries. In Vietnam, it is released on 1st March 2018.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne7-wnnWqFY

FUN –Work smart, not hard!

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