Newsletter Week 3_July 2017: Vertu phá sản


Tropical storm Talas is bearing down on Vietnam [ENTRY]

Today (Monday – 17th July) the second storm – Talas is bearing down on central Vietnam. Many provinces from the southeast coast of Thanh Hoa to Ha Tinh have heavy downpour with wind speed 90 kilometers per hour. In Ha Noi, many roads and streets will be flooded by heavy rain.   

New words:

1.      Storm (noun) /stɔːm/: cơn bão

2.      Bear down on something (verb): đổ bộ (di chuyển rất

3.      Province (noun) /ˈprɒv.ɪns/: tỉnh

4.      Heavy downpour = heavy rain: mưa to, xối xả. Downpour

5.      Wind speed: tốc độ

=> Many provinces from the southeast coast of Thanh Hoa to Ha Tinh have heavy rain with wind speed 90 kilometers per hour”: Rất nhiều tỉnh thành từ hướng đông nam bờ biển tỉnh Thanh Hóa đến Hà Tĩnh có mưa rất to với sức gió 90km/giờ.

Source: Vnexpress, BBC weather (July 2017)

The newest hierarchy of luxury brands in the word 2017 [BASIC]

The Bling Dynasty is changing. Many of luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Tissot… become “ordinary brands”. The reason is the number of Chinese luxury shoppers increases dramatically. HSBC managing director Erwan Rambourge said that “the brands bought are actually more important than the level of money earned”. They consider “brands are the best way to show off wealth”. Two luxury brands - Louis Vuitton and Gucci are similarly suffering from reputation problem - “brand for secretaries” because “everyone has it. You see it in every restaurant in Beijing. I prefer Chanel or Bottega Veneta now. They are more exclusive”, a billionaire woman told China Market Research Group in 2015.

Source: Business Insider

Luxury phone Vertu has gone bankrupt [BUSINESS]

The British smartphone firm Vertu has gone bankrupt after amassing debts of £128m. They have to “pay creditors just £1.9 million ($2.4 million) of the firm’s £128 million ($165 million) debt”. According to BBC’s report, nearly 200 staffs based at the manufacturing plant in Hampshire will lose their jobs as a result of the company’s liquidation. “Well it’s gone into liquidation and I’m not being paid by them anymore” – an external spokesperson said. The company was founded by Nokia in 1998. They sold the $11,000 phones like expensive watches in boutique stores all over the world. Vertu is very popular because of its “precious metals and fine, hand-cut leather”.

Source: The mirror

ENTERTAINING – Dad and daughter’s song

This video is a very tough, cute moment from Dad and his 4-year-old Claire when they sing together song “You’ve got a friend in me” (OST – Toy story).

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukD8zj6ngVY

FUN – Why do you eat so much?

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