Newsletter: Week 4 - June - 2017


Supermodel Miranda Kerr returns £6 million jewels [ENTRY]

Miranda Kerr – a former Victoria’s Secret model returns diamonds and jewelry worth more than £6 million back to US investigators. A Malaysian financier – Jho Low gave her as a present. He stole government money to buy these items for her.

New words:

1.      Former + something (noun): người tiền nhiệm

=> "A former Victoria’s Secret model": Cựu người mẫu của hãng Victoria’s Secret

2.      Return something back: hoàn trả lại cái gì đó

Chú ý: Pay back: trả lại tiền (tiền nợ/ lãi suất)

3.      US investigators (noun): những nhà điều

4.      Malaysian financier (noun):nhà tài chính người Malaysia

5.      Give somebody as a present:tặng quà

6.      Steal – stole – stolen (verb): đánh cắp

=> “He stole government money to buy these items for her”: Anh ấy đã đánh cắp tiền của chính phủ để

Fairy tale wedding dress of Swarovski [BASIC]

Swarovski is very famous for jewelry and accessories, which are made of crystal from Austria. Last week, Swarovski heiress – Victoria Swarovski married Werner Murz, a Munich – based entrepreneur in Italy and her wedding dress can make your heart meltdown. Micheal Cinco designed this dress using 500,000 crystals, a six-metre train and weighed 100 pounds. The dress’s price may be up to €1 million. Many people have described it as “stunning”, “unreal”, “breathtaking” and Victoria Swarovski must be “the most beautiful bride”. She also said, “Thank you, my love, for making me the most beautiful dress ever”.  

Source: Collection

New virus - cyberattack Ransomware Trojan attacks across globe [BUSINESS]

After cyberattack WannaCry, the similar new one Ransomware Trojan spreads from Europe to the USA overnight. It is one of the world’s biggest cyberattacks that is made to extort money from victims. Ransomware hits business, port operators and government systems. In Russia, Britain and the US, it disabled computer systems yesterday that “freezing government departments, disrupting oil and shipping companies and restricting radiation checks at the Chernobyl power plant”. Ransomware is increasing in popularity through fake messages about unlicensed applications or false claims about illegal content. If victims want to unlock screens, they have to pay so much the internet currency bitcoins. 

Source: The times

ENTERTAINING – A real video about yoga class!

Just true! You can watch this video and relax even you are not in a real yoga class.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/videos/1570526346302569/

FUN – Oh my Monday!

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